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8" Maze-Made Hand Driven Gutter Spikes


Independent Nail

Stormguard Gutter Spikes - Hot Dipped Zinc Coated
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Quick Overview
  • Length: 8 "
  • Gauge: 1/4"
  • Head: 9/16"
  • Nails per Lb: 8
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Ideal for aluminum, galvanized & vinyl gutters. The extra-think STORMGUARD zinc-coating will not react with aluminum. Strong, steal-core spikes drive better than aluminum spikes. For best results, spikes should be driven into rafters or trusses, not only into fascia. Minimum 1 spike every 24". Checkered heads enhance paint adhesion.
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Independent Nail
For More Information on the 8" Maze-Made Hand Driven Gutter Spikes, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site
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