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12/3 600V BUS DROP Cable


Coleman Cable - CCI

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Quick Overview
    Features :-
      • Resistant to oils, lubricants, acids, alkalis, ozone, water and abrasion
      • Individual grounds per conductor
      • Cabled for flexibility
      • Rated for use in wet or dry locations
      • 600V PVC jacketed
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Construction Parameters :-

Electrical Properties :-

Conductor 12 AWG Bare Copper
Stranding 19/.0185"
Insulation Material PVC
Insulation Thickness 0.031'' Nom.
Insulated Conductor Diameter 0.151'' Nom.
Ground 16 AWG Bare Copper
Ground Stranding 19/.0117"
Number of Insulated Conductors + Bare Grounds 3 + 3
Lay Length 3.00'' Nom.
Filler Type Polypropylene
Separator Paper Tissue
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Thickness 0.047'' Nom.
Overall Cable Diameter 0.420'' Nom.
Approximate Cable Weight 149.0 Lbs/1M' Nom
Temperature Rating60°C
Rated Voltage 600 V
DC Resistance per Conductor @ 20°C1.62 Ohms/1M' Nom.
Ampacity Per NEC Table 310.16 and Adjustment Factors per Table 310.15(B)(2)(a)
Additional Information
Manufacturer: Coleman Cable - CCI
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